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Electric Hot Air Blower

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Product Information

  • Product Name : Electric Hot Air Blower

Over 5 times of the cost saving effect compared to a kerosene-based hot air blower!
At least 30% better thermal efficiency compared to existing electric hot air blowers

  • You can feel warm in only 5 seconds after you hit the power button, even if you are in an extremely cold environment.
  • High thermal circulation thanks to low wind direction
  • Eco-friendly product with no smell or exhaust emissions thanks to its electric drive system
  • Prevents gas poisoning as it does not cause oxygen deficiency caused by heating.
  • Up to 75% smaller in size compared to existing stand type hot air blowers from competitors, enabling effective and efficient use of space.


  • Forced convection heating system using an air heater heating element made of new materials
  • More compact than existing heaters and easy to install in confined spaces (portable, movable, and wall-mounted)
  • Completely new concept semi-permanent hot air blower with a thermal efficiency of 98%
  • Built-in overheat protection system, automatic temperature controller, and overheat prevention device ensure safe operation.
  • High-speed instantaneous temperature rise
  • Far-infrared radiation emission for air purification
Liquid-heating type, Brass cone installation type, Waterproof insertion type, Standard type (For mold drying), Aluminum installation type, For glass molding, Coil heater, For prevention freeze and rupture, For heating warm water


  • Heating for factories or workplaces
  • Temperature maintenance and dehumidification in greenhouses, poultry farms, barns, or pigsties, dehumidification in pharmaceutical factories
  • Maintenance of temperature at a specific level
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