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Production Factory

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Daewoo Electric Heating Co., Ltd.

Daewoo Electric Heating Co., Ltd. lives up to its corporate motto of quick and accurate delivery and providing the best quality.
Daewoo Electric Heating's manufacturing plant is located in a suburb of Seoul and has the following facilities.

Daewoo Electric Heating Co., Ltd.
Production Factory
Area 3305㎡ (1,000 pyeong)
4 buildings 331㎡ (100 pyeong) for each building, parking lot, dormitory
Research Institute
(Research and Development)
56.16 ㎡ (17 pyeong)

Annual production capacity

Model Annual production capacity
Process Air Heater 20,000
Cartridge Heater 50,000
Sheath Heater 50,000
Space Fan Heater 10,000
Themostats 25,000
Voltage Regulator 25,000
Electric hot air blower 1,000

Production facilities

Automatic heating coil winding machine, manual heating coil winding machine, quartz tube furnace, quartz tube furnace (modified), filling machine, sanding machine, hand press, automatic filling machine, manual compression roller, automatic compression roller, cutter, swizzing machine, etc.

159, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Ga-#857, Seun Arcade Building)

TEL : +82-2-2272-1971 FAX : +82-2-6442-1963

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